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I am the founder and owner of Wholly Living Co.

I decided that since my main profession is singing as well as photography and with those occupations there comes those times where business is slow. Not making money from singing and due current world wide issues I haven't been able to do photoshoots for my customers since we are on a nation wide lock down for God knows how long.

I stated getting into yoga and really focusing on health, mentally, physically and spiritually. Being home all day with not much to do but sing, clean and scroll on my phone all day etc, I figured that I want to get into Health, Beauty, Wellness something separate from trying to have a perfect image for my artist page.

I want to share all the things I love when it comes to make up, healthy foods, fragrances like incense and house hold cleaning products. Pretty much all the products that make me feel pretty and health. Like Holistic Living. I came up with the name Wholly because its something I am living Fully/Completely. Soon I will become a Young Living partner and I am so excited an stoked to receive my first starter pack which will include the aria diffuser.

Having this website will help me stay motivated and focused on the important things that matter like my health, all around mentally, Physically and Spiritually. I really want to reach my goal and slim down. I want to feel better and it all starts from the inside!

So join me! Become a partner of Wholly Living Co and share all your favorite Health Wellness & Beauty Tips!

Hope to hear from you soon!

-Rebekah Shiree

owner and founder of 

Wholly Living Co

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