Conquering My First Miscarriage

Just recently at 10 weeks pregnant my husband Adam and I found out that our third baby had no heart beat and was measuring at only 9 weeks gestation size.

We have lost both our first and second borns first a girl Faith at 28 weeks and then our boy Logan at 38 weeks. They were both stillborn.

It’s almost like this was Sort Of Miscarriage just because of the fact that it felt like I was in labor and the baby came out and then the placenta. So it was like a mini stillbirth but here at home and not as painful. But it still was definitely painful, it was about the whole day I was bleeding and towards the evening it got heavier and then the cramps started which lasted about a good 5 hours.

⚠️!!!!!!WARNING!!!!! ⚠️


Down Below I Will Be Posting Some GRAPHIC PHOTOS Of What I Went Through. I Wanted To Document The Whole Experience For My Self And For Those That Are Curious And Wanted To Know What It Is Like To Have A Miscarriage. Most People Don’t Talk About Or Even Share Their Miscarriages And It’s Treated As If It Is Taboo To Talk About And Share. But Here I Am Standing Up For Those Who Couldn’t Find The Bravery To Do So Themselfs!

I CONQUERED last night and survived. My heart is aboustly broken but I will be ok.

NOTE* I did have videos that I recorded but for some reason I haven’t been able to figure out how to load them from my phone on to here. But these photos and my explanations should do just fine.

It started out with just a little bit of bleeding, I believe this was after we found out our baby what passed and that I was going to miscarry soon...

I went and laid down for a bit to get relaxed and within an hour about 5:09AM I felt a pop down below and I rushed to the bathroom straight into the tub and bloop out came our tiny baby in the bathtub.

Shortly after I passed a clot that looked as if it was a tiny placenta. And I bled a whole lot more

Here are some more pictures of our little tiny baby up close.

I am now recovering and taking it easy, we are very heart broken but we are actually ok, we are going to get through this and right now we need to focus on loving ourselves and finding happiness of our own some time to heal and be happy again before we try again.

In my mind this was like a mini stillbirth. I was supposed to go to a doctors office to have a D&C done which would have sucked so much because Adam would not be allowed in the room with me while the doctor gave me a shot and did the procedure to get the baby and everything out. I wouldn’t have been able to write this blog/journal entry or get these pictures to keep and share.

A D&C is invasive and it would have taken me a lot more time to recover and heal.

The only reason I had scheduled an appointment was so that they could send the baby off to genetics to find out the cause of death and if our baby was a boy or a girl. The doctor told me that if we saved the baby and brought it in that they may not be able to test the baby properly.... They scheduled the appointment for Monday the 1st which is weird because that’s like so many days away I was definitely going to miscarry before then. Which I did Thursday 3/28/19

We put the baby and the placenta in a bag and put them in the fridge so hopefully when we go to my next appointment to get checked we can bring the baby/placenta and at the same time get checked up by my obgyn to make sure all is good health wise with me and I pray they are still able to get something from testing the baby/placenta.

ANYWAYS.... So That’s How I Conquered My First Miscarriage!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and I hope that you found some kind knowledge or whatever it is that you were looking for when stumbled across my website Journal.

If you have any questions or just want to share your story with me leave a comment below or even send me a message.

“You Can Always Conquer So Subscribe and Start Conquering With Me!”

Thank you and God Bless!

-Rebekah Shiree

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