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Hope Faith Strength is what everyone needs in times of darkness, trial and tribulation, Wether it be a battle agains't Cancer, Depression, Anxieties, Miscarriage, Loss Of Unborn Child, Loss Of A Loved One and even just going through financial problems. 

Adam and Rebekah are here to let you and everyone know that when it feels like you are drowning that there is HOPE to come up and to have FAITH even when you don't see things coming together and to have STRENGTH to not give up to always keep fighting. We are here to share with you exactly that!




Adam and Rebekah Markeson came up with Hope Faith Strength because they know what it's like when that is all you have left after losing their first child Faith Ava Reign. Rebekah carried to 28 week into her pregnancy but their daughter was only the size of a 17 week baby gestation, Faith Ava Reign was behind in size and her heart gave out and on September 2, 2015 Rebekah gave stillbirth to their daughter with Adam and her mother by her side, when she was done pushing and out came their lifeless limp baby girl, Rebekah closed her eyes with tears streaming down her face threw her head back and with a sigh of relief the words that came out of her mouth were "Thank You Lord"

Though Adam and Rebekah didn't get to parent their precious little girl they were still blessed to have been able to experience what it was like to carry their first child they had made together, they fell in love with her so deeply. It was the happiest most saddest day for Adam and Rebekah.

Things were not perfect after such a loss, but they held on to HOPE kept their FAITH and with doing that they found STRENGTH.

Almost going on three years from their loss, Adam and Rebekah found out in October of 2017 that they were with their second child, a son Logan Adam James, who unfortunately was just like his sister Faith, behind in size and he did not make it, on May 23, 2018 Rebekah gave stillbirth for a second time to their precious son Logan.


Today they are still holding onto HOPE their FAITH and their STRENGTH for it only comes from the lord and each other. 

And that is how

Hope, Faith and Strength Was Born 

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