Since Coming Up With 'Hope Faith Strength' 

and enduring the loss of  both our babies but yet still remaining stedfast in God and in his word and his promises we felt led and have found in our hearts that God's plan for us is to build a ministry as husband and wife together to minister into peoples lives that are in need of  Hope Faith and Strength. It is very Encouraging and strengthening to people's Hope Faith and it gives them Strength when people can see/hear other's testimonies about seasons in their lives that were the most trying and heartbreaking times. God is carrying us through and we believe there is something bigger and greater than what we can imagine that God has in store for us, but not just us but each and everyone of his children!

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Our Story

 We Are The Founders of 
 'Hope Faith Strength' now turned into our ministry. 
and here is 
Our Story

Hope Faith Strength is what everyone needs in times of darkness, trial and tribulation, Wether it be a battle agains't Cancer, Depression, Anxieties, Miscarriage, Loss Of Unborn Child, Loss Of A Loved One and even just going through financial problems. 

Adam and Rebekah are here to let you and everyone know that....

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