Target Finds

So happy about this cause if you know me I've talked about it before incense are my favorite and always have been! Due to the coronavirus my go to store is closed so I can't get any sage nor the incense I normally get so when finding this at target "Smoked Teakwood" I just had to get it! Didn't cost more then $8 smells amazing and it came with the ceramic holder! 

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today and share your beauty secrets, health and wellness tips or for some of us our insecurities, WLC is the place where we can be ourselves and lift each other up. No Judgment!!! If you would like to be apart of something that makes you motivated or that makes you feel inspired then join today! Its free!

Yoga + Exercise + Meditation + Prayer = Wellness


Recently I started doing Yoga, right now I am currently in the middle of a #10DayYogaChallenge

with Maude Hirst.

This video clip time-lapse of me is day 5, Which was a 30 min yoga practice it felt easier. Before this challenge I had never did yoga before. I am glad that I have not found a love for it and it makes me feel better all around! Have you tried yoga before or want to? Become a member and lets chat! I'd love to share the 10 Day yoga Challenge with you! Are You Ready to join?!

Young Living | Essential Oils
Lastly, next upcoming news is becoming a partner with Young Living! Essential Oils and more! Everything for a Holistic Wholly Living! Mainly one of the reason I stared Wholly Living Co! This is the Aria Diffuser and I am excited to get it when I sign up, you too can sign up and become a partner/distributor. Everything they have is 100% and I look forward to having cleaner air and amazing aromas fill the air in my lovely home! If you are interested in this as well Join Below! 

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